Basic Activities:

  1. Students sit or kneel in a circle on the floor, each with a wooden stick or block in front of him/her. On the first beat of each measure, the object is banged on the floor near the neighbor on the right and on the next beat, passed on. This pattern continues until the words "triki, triki, tron"; sticks are held and knocked on the ground to the right and left, then passed on the word "tron."
  2. Students clap the rhythm of the song moving their hands at the same time to show the melodic contour.
  3. Students use body signs while singing the song. Knees = low so; Waist = do; Shoulders = re; Head = mi.

Advanced Activities:

  1. Students speak the rhythm names of the song while keeping a steady beat.
  2. Students sing the rhythm names or solfege syllables as they are playing the game from Basic Activities #1.

Source: Yurchenko, Henrietta. Latin-American Children's Game Songs. Asch Records #AHS 751 (recorded in Puerto Rico & Mexico)

Theme: Spanish nonsense words
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